ANSWER AFRICA is a 501(C)(3) humanitarian organization co-founded by cofounded by Makena Marangu, M.D., and Craig Elliott Hacche.

Committed to providing Africa with critical health interventions, they are currently focused on fighting malaria through the distribution of insecticide treated mosquito nets, one community at a time.

Dr. Marangu is from Kenya. She has witnessed malaria's terrible effects. Her background has enabled ANSWER AFRICA to develop an infrastructure that insures the cost-effective delivery of mosquito nets even to the most remote, hard-to-reach rural areas.

ANSWER AFRICA's Nets for Life program is

There are NO ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS at ANSWER AFRICA. 100% of every dollar donated goes to the purchase and delivery of the nets, and Donations are entirely tax-deductible.

Please click one of the links below to see sample Thank You letters from the Meru, Kenya Ministry of Health...
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James Gitonga, M.D.,
District Medical Officer of Health, Meru Central

Dan Kiptoon, M.D.,
Medical Superintendent, Meru District Hospital

There is a simple, cost-effective way to prevent malaria deaths and reduce its devastating effects - a piece of life-saving cloth called a mosquito net. Studies show that the use of insecticide-treated nets can reduce the transmission of malaria as much as 50%.
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