There is a simple, cost-effective way to prevent malaria deaths and reduce its devastating effects - a piece of life-saving cloth called a mosquito net. Studies show that the use of insecticide-treated nets can reduce the transmission of malaria as much as 50%.
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ANSWER AFRICA's immediate goal is to provide 600,000 mosquito nets to Meru Central District, Meru, Kenya by the end of 2008 in order to protect every man, woman, and child in the district against malaria.

As a result of ANSWER AFRICA's Nets for Life mosquito net distribution program in Meru Central District, Meru, Kenya, there has been a 34% reduction in malaria cases from December 2006 to-date, meaning 55,874 people were spared from malaria.

To view a running chart of Net Donations and the direct effect they've had on the Malaria Statistics in and around the Meru Central District of Kenya, please click here.

"Nets For Life" Mosquito Nets
"Nets For Life" Mosquito Nets
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Working in one community at a time,
our ultimate goal is zero new incidents
of malaria in Africa.