Project Description

Mosquito Net Donations

Project A: Working with the Ministry of Health
Donated 67,254 mosquito nets to 21 Health Facilities in Meru District Hospital’s jurisdiction

Dr. James Gitonga – District Medical Officer of Health, Meru Central District, Meru, Kenya
Dr. Dan Kiptoon – Medical Superintendent. Meru District Hospital, Meru Kenya

  • 54,769 of these mosquito nets are pre-treated (3-year lifespan) and designated to be
    distributed to pregnant women and their children under 5 years of age.
  • 12,485 mosquito nets are designated to be pre-treated (3-year lifespan) and delivered to vulnerable patients, i.e. the old, HIV+ and hospital ward beds.
    About 1250 pregnant Women attend MCH clinics in a month.

The population of children under five years in the District is estimated at 70,265.

Project B:  In-Patient Hospital Bed Conical Green Net Program

Distributed conical green nets for every in-patient hospital bed in Meru Kenya and Embu Kenya
totaling 3,230 mosquito nets.

Project C: Working with the Miriam Kanana Mubichi Foundation

– Steven Mubichi
– Flornce Mubichi
– Fridah Mubichi
– Ravena Mubichi

Donated 6,125 mosquito nets to schoolchildren in Meru District schools. These nets are designated to be pre-treated (3-year lifespan) and were delivered to schoolchildren in the schools listed below.

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~ John Wesley

Project A

The following health facilities in Meru Central District were selected for distribution of these insecticide treated mosquito nets to pregnant mothers and children under the age of five years:

1. Kinoro Health Center
2. Kanyakine Sub- District Hospital
3. Mitunguu Health Center
4. Kathigu Health Center
5. Kaongo Health Center
6. Cotellengo Hospital
7. St. Ann Hospital
8. Gatimbi Health Center
9. Githongo Sub- District Hospital
10. Kathithi Dispensary
11. Giaki Health Center
12. Kiburine Dispensary
13. Meru District Hospital
14. Kiirua Dispensary
15. Ruiri Health Center
16. Timau Heath Center
17. Ex-lewa Dispensary
18. Naari Health Center
19. Mikumbune Sub- District Hospital
20. Nkubu Dispensary
21. Muti -O-Kiama Health Center

Project C

Nets delivered to schoolchildren in the following schools:

  • Munithu – Kambiti Primary School
  • Munithu – Munithu Primary School
  • Munithu – Kathithi Primary School
  • Munithu – Ngiine Primary School
  • Chugu – Chugu Primary School
  • Mulathankari – Mulathankari Primary School
  • Chugu – Karima Ga Ntwiko School
  • Nchiru– St. Rita’s Children Village
  • Meru Municipality – Solid Rock Church
  • Meru Municipality – Makena Texttiles Ltd.
  • Kaaga – Mwithomwiru Primary School
  • Kaaga – Kaaga Primary School

100% of every dollar donated today goes to the Makena Marangu Memorial Maternity Center